Sunday, January 21, 2018

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #211

Welcome one and all to our regular time together, when we explore some facet of spanking. Today's topic was one that Dave from Cherry Red Report asked our previous hostess, Bonnie. I thought it was worth a second look.

Is it possible that we are all a bit of a switch? Do tops secretly, or perhaps not so secretly, wish to be OTK? Do bottoms feel the urge the hold the whip? Do we sometimes wonder what it would feel like to be on the other end of the paddle?

Leave your response as a comment, and I will publish a summary of our discussion once everyone has had a chance to participate.
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Saturday, January 20, 2018

You Completed the Caption

Kingspan: Hilda wasn't allowed to rub after her wet-bottom spanking, but she did at least find a way to dry off.

Anon 1: Very cute my dear, but my way is more enjoyable.

KDPierre: There are many ways to warm a bottom in winter. Hilda found this method the least noisy.

Dog: >sniff-sniff< "Oh boy, I think we're having ham for dinner!"

Anon 2: Hilda had this brilliant idea that if she pre-warmed her bottom the spanking wouldn't be nearly as bad as it would if she started out with a cold bottom. To her dismay, she discovered the pre-warming had exactly the opposite affect and only exacerbated the affects of the paddle when her boyfriend applied it to her already hot behind.

Leigh: A warm up before the warm up.

Ronnie: This is the only way Hilda's getting a warm bottom today.

Anon 3: Hilda thought that if she got her still sore bottom warm and red from the wood stove she could convince her boyfriend that she was still suffering the after affects of last night's spanking and that he'd have pity on her and not follow through on his promise to spank her again this morning. Unfortunately for her, he saw right through her scheme and not only gave her the promised spanking but also gave her an additional paddling for trying to deceive him.

Rather than making Hilda stand in the corner with her red bottom on display, her boyfriend positioned her by the stove in order to intensify the aftermath of the hairbrush spanking he'd administered and reinforce the lesson he'd just paddled into her. The only problem was that Hilda seemed to enjoy the way the fire was spreading the warmth of the spanking to parts other than her bottom.

Fondles: If no one's gonna warm my bottom, I guess I'll have to do it myself!

Sir Wendel: Giving another meaning to the expression "One hot ass".

Hermione: Sam does his best, but he never warms my bottom as much as this stove does.

That was fun! I hope you can all stay for brunch; I'll be serving a blast from the past.
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Friday, January 19, 2018

Friday FAIL

It's still cold and snowy here, although some of you are enjoying a lovely warm summer. But no matter what the weather, a nice cup of tea with a friend is always welcome. Unless...

I'm not that thirsty after all!
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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Complete the Caption

Here's our friend Hilda, toasting her buns by the fire. But why? It seems a rather strange thing to do, but our girl must have her reasons.

Tell us what they are by leaving a comment. I will publish your conjectures on Saturday.

From Hermione's Heart

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

From the Top Shelf - In a Mist, Chapter 19

The story so far:
Chapter 1Chapter 12
Chapter 2Chapter 13
Chapter 3Chapter 14
Chapter 4Chapter 15
Chapter 5Chapter 16
Chapter 6Chapter 17
Chapter 7Chapter 18
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11

Here is the chapter we have all been waiting for. Arthur Lennox miraculously returns to Lymchurch House under very different circumstances. You all must be eager to find out how, so without further ado, read on.
Chapter 19 - In which Lennox comes face to face with the past

Shortly after the outbreak of war, Lennox enlisted as an officer in a tank regiment and saw active service with the British Expeditionary Force in France.

He fought valiantly, risking his life again and again as the British army vainly tried to halt the advance of Hitler's invincible war machine. Wounded in the chest by a German shell during the British counter-attack at Arras in May 1940, he was sent home to convalesce. It took many weeks of his mother's doting care to nurse him back to health. Even then he found himself plagued with minor respiratory ailments that took years to go away. He was awarded a medal for his gallantry and discharged honourably from further military duties. Reluctantly, he found himself, once more a civilian.

By no means an easy patient, he soon grew restless with nothing to do except play his cornet, which his doctor recommended as an excellent means by which to improve his breathing, and go for gentle strolls on the moors. He began to find home life depressingly dull and, craving excitement, started looking round for interesting employment.

Like many country houses all over Britain during the war, Lymchurch House had been requisitioned by the Ministry of Education to be a turned into a small boarding establishment for young girls evacuated from their homes in the towns and cities. Lennox got to hear about it from a former teaching colleague.

In a wild impulse he applied for the post of Headmaster. He was short-listed together with three other candidates.

At the interview in London the Appointments Committee briefed the applicants on the particular function of the new establishment. It was to be a Special School for wayward girls, therefore maximum security as well as strict discipline would be essential.

Lennox gave a sparkling interview, for he felt the ball was in his court. Not only was he the best qualified among the contenders, especially when it came to discipline, but he was also a gallant war hero - a prestigious factor which virtually assured his success. Prudently he refrained from alluding to his brief tenure as tutor at Lymchurch House all those years before, and as it had been merely an obscure private post the Appointments Committee would have no record of it.

He was offered the Headship and, in a glow of euphoria, returned home to pack his bags and break the good news to his parents.

Meanwhile the owner of Lymchurch House, Elizabeth Montague, was informed both of the plans in store for it, and the identity of the man designated to carry them out. She felt a sharp pang of wistful nostalgia and tears came to her eyes. How strange are the twists and turns of fate, the sudden unexpected ironies of life, she reflected with a sad smile.

At Chatsworth House in Derbyshire there hangs a painting by a local artist entitled "Chatsworth in Wartime". It depicts the state drawing room turned into a girls' dormitory, for when war broke out in 1939 a girls' boarding school in North Wales was taken over by the Ministry of Food and the school was moved to Chatsworth.

The painting, which is reproduced in the official guide book, offers a fascinating insight into boarding school discipline for girls.

In the foreground of the picture, a pretty adolescent schoolgirl is standing by her bed brushing her waist-length blonde hair. Her navy-blue gym tunic is short, well above her knees, barely covering the tops of her black stockings.

A companion, her mousy-brown hair plaited in pigtails and tied with dark blue ribbon, is seated nervously upon an adjacent bed, her arms clasped around her knees which are drawn up so revealingly as to expose not only the tops of her stockings but the white elastic straps of her garter belt.

The second girl is clearly in trouble and is about to be punished because, standing by the open doorway a severe looking schoolmistress dressed in black, is severely regarding her. Behind her, hanging on the dormitory wall, can be discerned the sinister presence of a crook-handled school cane....

Lymchurch House was to become, not so much a conventional boarding school for the daughters of the well-to-do as, what was termed a 'closed unit' for 'problem girls' from the big cities who had either been in trouble with the law, persistently truant from school, or generally fallen into bad company while their fathers were away serving in the armed forces and their mothers working long hours in the munitions factories. Some of the girls were orphans, their parents and relatives killed in the bombing raids - for the Germans had intensified their air attacks on Britain since March 1940.

Under cover of war, with Britain in a constant state of crisis, many moral irregularities went unnoticed. Lennox, with his little flock of a dozen or so naughty girls, whose bottoms - as well as goodness knows what else - had to be frequently attended to, was left alone to get on with the task, untroubled by tiresome inspections by nosy Ministry officials.

Once his girls had arrived and things were well under way, Lennox was kept extremely busy. Some of the girls responded to their regular diet of corporal punishment in strangely demanding ways. The girls whom he'd caned in the classroom or in his study by day were the very ones who by night pestered him for sexual favours, tapping persistently on his bedroom door in their flimsy nighties and tight pyjamas.

Amorous passions and erotic fantasies ran high in Britain during the wartime years. Despite the introduction of clothes rationing, spicy lingerie adverts began to appear on the front pages of national newspapers like the Daily Mirror. "Modern Miss buys her undies with care!" proclaimed a daring advert in the Mirror on June 12th displaying a saucy young Miss clad only in a pair of flimsy cami-knickers decorated with heart patterns, proudly showing off the barely concealed cheeks of her bottom. Never before had the male population of Britain been left in so little doubt as to what pretty young girls were wearing beneath their dresses.

The famous Jane strip cartoon featuring a shapely scatterbrained heroine had been running in the Mirror since 1932. But by 1940 occasional glimpses of her stocking tops had given way to blatant displays of her just in bra, panties and stockings - and more shocking still, naked poses of her stepping out of the bath or undressing for bed.
By September the universally popular but incredibly dizzy glamour girl had been recruited to Naval Intelligence. The cartoon strip which appeared on the 16th showed her being very soundly spanked over her rugged commanding officer's knee for some rather minor infringement of naval discipline.

Also popular at the time were several photos appearing in the magazine Picture Post showing a group of nubile "landgirls" - girls specially conscripted to help bring in the harvest - dressed in shorts and volunteering, as a publicity stunt, to be photographed while being spanked "for the war effort".

"Lennox's girls," as they became known in the village, began to arrive clutching their bags and packages, gas masks slung over their shoulders and identity labels flapping from their button holes. They were met at the station by the indefatigable Tomms who cast an appreciative eye over their charms and drove them back to Lymchurch House, where his wife Florence, in bustling cheerful motherly fashion, stripped them of their garments, which were then boiled rigorously in a large copper tub and disinfected for parasites, then rife in the bomb-torn cities.

As for the girls, they were bathed and scrubbed furiously with a formidable brush until they gasped and squealed with pain and their tender pale little bodies were red raw.

Daisy Potter, an olive-skinned seventeen year old with long jet-black hair, almost gypsy-like in appearance, was the first girl to arrive several weeks before the others.

Plucked from the burning London streets where she'd been found wandering waif-like among the strewn rubble and gutted buildings, she'd stubbornly refused to tell the air raid wardens where she'd come from. For her own safety they passed her into the hands of the police who questioned her rigorously, suspecting that "Daisy Potter" was a false name deliberately invented to throw them off the scent.

One thing she was unable to conceal was her middle class accent and good grammar school education. Wherever she came from, from whatever background, she clearly wanted no further part of it.

On her arrival, after being attended to by Florence, Daisy Potter was ushered into Lennox's study where he gave her a lecture on the type of regime she could expect at Lymchurch House. He spared her no details when it came to explaining matters of discipline and, when she emerged from his study half an hour later she looked anxious and ill at ease, already wishing she'd never been sent to such a horrid place where bare-bottom spankings and canings were to be dealt out unsparingly for the smallest misdemeanours.
Daisy Potter seems destined to be Lennox's next conquest, but where is Elizabeth? By the way, I was unable to spot the school cane hanging on the wall in the picture of Chatsworth House at the top of this post. Can you see it?
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Monday, January 15, 2018

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for January 14

Do you have any spanking implements hanging on the wall in plain view?

Bogey: They are both vanilla and specially designed for spanking. Two hand-carved wooden spoons hang in our kitchen. Nothing odd about them at first glance, but if you examined them you would discover they are only slightly dished out, which makes for a fine spanking surface.

Peter: When I was a boy in summer camp i made a small cutting board. I painted, in the center of the board a large red tomato. When I married my mom gave the cutting board to my wife at a wedding shower. It hung in our kitchen for several years as decoration only.

A few years ago my wife Beth began using that board on me for discipline. She orders me to get it off the wall and after I have to return it to its hanging place.

Red: No. Family visit often, with grandchildren, so everything hidden, except for a short period when doing 12 spanks of Christmas game.

Sir Wendel: Growing up my mom kept a paddle in the pantry cupboard. She retrieved it more times than I remember. I keep one in our cupboard but unlike my mom I keep it surrounded by pot holders so it does not stand out too much. We also keep a paddle and a belt solely used for spanking on the back of our bedroom door.

Amy: Eric has a black weave belt hanging in our walk-in closet. He used to wear it every day but now leaves it there when he travels as a reminder. We also have a wooden cheese board on our kitchen counter that serves up a deliciously stingy bottom. ;)

Roz: Great question Hermione, no implements on display here.

Yorkie: Absolutely not. All my implements are hidden in my wardrobe.

Anon: My wife bought a "Board of Education" from a store, it hangs in the kitchen. It to most is a wall decoration, some humor. I don't know if any of her friends know, but it is not humor when I'm across her lap, bare bottom and feeling the sting of it.

Bonnie: We have a hook on the wall near our bed. Various spanking implements hang there from time to time including paddles, a crop, a cane, a body brush, and a bath brush. When Randy hangs an implement, it provides a reliable forecast of the future temperature of my bottom.

When family members or friends are expected, these toys go back into a closet or drawer.

Leigh: Not hanging and not that they get used much, but on my kitchen counter I have a crock that holds all sorts of wooden spoons, spatulas, several rubber type spatulas that were gifts from my beach sisters through the years - does that count? Oh, there is a bamboo back scratcher hanging behind the linen closet door too.

Fondles: Sadly, nothing hanging on the wall nor put in plain sight. all spanking tools are safely tucked away in a drawer by the bed.

KDPierre: Yes, we have a very large wooden spoon in plain view in our kitchen with my name on it. It hangs from a decorated plaque that says: "Rosa's Medicinal Spoon. Provides a big dose of an age old remedy proven to cure most domestic maladies. Those showing signs of ill-temper, irritability, or chronic lethargy, should be prepared to take their medicine!"

It is right by the entrance way to our dining room, so it's not at all difficult to notice. Anyone who has been in our home can easily see it, read it, and interpret its meaning however they like.

Ronnie: We having nothing spanking related hanging on the wall. At the moment, P has two canes on his side of the bed.

Hermione: We have a back scratcher hanging in the dining room, and it's never been near a back, only a backside. Then in the kitchen there is a heart-shaped wooden spoon and a flat wooden pizza cutter. Neither has been used for its intended vanilla purpose. Our real spanking toys are hanging up on a couple of racks, but they are in a room that can be closed off from prying eyes.

I would love to visit all your homes and check out the walls! Thanks for stopping by!
From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #210

I'm glad you were able to drop by for today's brunch. Please help yourself to cake and take a seat (unless you'd be more comfortable standing!) Today's topic should be fun.

Do you have a spanking implement hanging on the wall in your home? If so, is it a vanilla object or is it an item especially designed for spanking? If not, do you have something suitable that you might consider displaying?

I look forward to your responses, so please leave a comment and I will publish a summary of this discussion once everyone has had an opportunity to speak.
From Hermione's Heart